Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): 

Moving beyond basic descriptions, I conducted Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test to investigate potential age differences among racial groups. This powerful statistical tool allowed me to compare means across multiple groups simultaneously.

The results of the ANOVA test indicated that there is a significant difference in ages among racial groups. The F-statistic of 103.50 and a very low p-value (approximately 6.13e-44) suggest that the differences in ages between these groups are unlikely to have occurred by random chance.

In other words, you have evidence to reject the null hypothesis, which means that there are statistically significant differences in ages among the racial groups you tested. This finding can be important for further analyses and discussions regarding disparities or variations in ages within different racial categories.

The outcomes of this analysis offer crucial insights into the complexities of racial disparities in police shootings. Acknowledging the presence of age differences among various racial groups is pivotal for shaping informed discussions and policy interventions.

Having established the presence of significant age disparities, I will proceed with post-hoc analyses to pinpoint specific differences between racial groups.

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