Boston Analyze – crime incident reports july-2012-august-2015

Dataset Overview

The dataset comprises various columns, each providing specific details about crime incidents. The key columns we’ll focus on are:

  • NatureCode
  • Shooting
  • Year
  • Month
  • X
  • Y
  • Location

Let’s start our exploration!

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

  1. Incident Types and Crime Codes:
    • What are the most common incident types?
    • Which crime codes are prevalent?
  2. Distribution of Crime by District:
    • How does the number of crimes vary across different districts?
    • Are there districts with higher or lower crime rates?
  3. Time-based Analysis:
    • How has the overall crime rate changed over the years?
    • Is there a monthly or weekly pattern in crime incidents?

Insights from EDA

  1. Incident Types and Crime Codes:
    • The dataset provides a diverse range of incident types, from thefts to assaults.
    • Certain crime codes might be more common, indicating specific types of criminal activity.
  2. Distribution of Crime by District:
    • Some districts may experience higher crime rates than others.
    • Understanding the variations can help allocate resources effectively.
  3. Time-based Analysis:
    • Over the years, there might be trends or fluctuations in crime rates.
    • Analyzing monthly and weekly patterns can reveal when certain types of crimes are more likely to occur.

Questions for Further Exploration

  1. Spatial Analysis:
    • Are there specific locations or streets with consistently high crime rates?
    • How do crime rates vary between main streets and cross streets?
  2. Weapon Involvement:
    • What types of weapons are most commonly involved in crimes?
    • Is there a correlation between weapon type and the severity of incidents?
  3. Domestic Incidents:
    • How prevalent are domestic incidents, and do they follow any patterns?
    • Are there specific shifts or days of the week when domestic incidents are more likely?

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